Untitled-2Santorini is definitely one of the most strongly beautiful and spectacular spots on planet. This incredible scenery attracts thousands of visitors annually. The term ‘Santorini’ originates from ‘Santa Irini’, though it is formally known as Thera or Thira which is notorious for the enormous volcanic explosion which destroyed the settlements thereon, and created the current geological caldera. Santorini It is the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands, located between Ios and Anafi islands, with an area of about 73 km² (28 mi²), and in 2001 had an estimated population of 13,600. Its fantastic natural beauty along with its eminent nightlife makes the island one of Europe’s top tourist hot spots. Fantastic is a word often used in describing the Greek islands but it must surely apply more than most to Santorini. As an island of extraordinary contrasts, it can be both incredibly beautiful and deeply unattractive. The white cube houses and blue domed churches may fall over nicely down the cliff side in the capital Thira but its streets are heavily developed with costly cafes, fashionable shops, and near nightmare groups of visitors. Santorini has an extremely well-developed tourism infrastructure, featuring visitors a very wide selection of accommodation, such as Santorini hotels, studios, apartments, traditional houses, suites, villas and rooms for rent.

Santorini Weddings is very popular on the Island, many people from all over the wold comes to Santorini every year to have their life dream come through —- to get Married in Santorini !

The fantastic views and the romantic spots of the Island is very attractive to oriental people that comes to Santorini for one day for a Photo Tour on the most beautiful location with a cost of 300 euros for up to 3 hour!.

The America tourist are fascinated with the archeology and the history of the Island and most of them are taking a day cruise boat to Santorini for a 5 hour Private Tour  which give them the opportunity ti see the whole Island and learn directly the cultural of the local people, their food, the family wineries and of course the commercial wineries that they offered the best wine in Greece on the beautiful view of the Caldera over looking the Volcano the sparkly clean Ocean water and the unforgettable Santorini Sunset.