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What you need to know if you are fist timer on Catamaran Sailing Yacht

Renting a catamaran is as easy as renting a car and can be with a skipper or without. If you are used to a comfortable life style then renting a vessel with a crew is the best option for you. The crew will provide good atmosphere, take care of you, and your safety will be in good hands. Our company does the hiring with great consideration, therefore, our captains and sailors have higher marine education and have a great working experience.
If you choose a cruise with a captain the crew will try to satisfy  your interests and desires, and you will be able to plot a route and change it along the trip.
santorinicatamaranFor the first-timers: what should and can you do when on yacht?
If you chose to be a passenger, your main responsibility is to relax and not to worry about anything and we will make sure you and your friends and relatives are comfortable.

Secondly, you should keep in mind several easy rules that will make your time on board pleasant and in line with the marine ethics and good marine practice.

1. When getting on a yacht, you should ask “Can I get on board?” It is clear that the crew is waiting for you and happy to see you, but they will be glad to hear that. Especially it concerns getting on other people’s yachts, for example, if you neighbours in the marine were kind to invite you to visit their yacht.
2. If you are entering somebody else’s yacht and nobody is on the deck, you should pass through the front part even if it is a long way around.
3. You should take your shoes off at the gangway. Ideally you should have two sets of footwear: on board and onshore. That will prevent you from making a snow-white vessel dirty, and the small stones and sand won’t damage the deck coating.
4. You should wear shoes with white soles or special yacht footwear.
5. Keep in mind that it is next to impossible to remove sun oil and red wine stains from the teak deck.
6. If you are going on vacation with small children, you should order special safety net for the guard railing to eliminate possibility of kid’s falling overboard.
What does catamaran renting package include in our company:
1. New sailing motor yachts
2. Excellent service
3. A qualified captain and crew
4. Client support
5. Our agreement protects your interests at the most and not only ours
6. Insurance
7. A chance to have a secluded vacation on the yacht and a possibility to see the most unique places in the world.
8. Technical support
9. A romantic yacht cruise.

We sincerely hope that you are satisfied with our service and your vacation with Santorini Sailing tours is going to be unforgettable!

Santorini Sailing tour

  • The most popular and economical sailing boat tours in santorini for the last 5 years is our semi private sailing tours, the tours are, accessible, affordable, and fun for everyone, and the cost starts from 110 Euro per person for the standard 5 hours tour, including lunch or dinner and a free transfer from/to the yacht and back

Our highly experienced Captains and crews have a complete knowledge of all conditions ensuring that you arrive safely and comfortably to the best Santorini locations.

You plan the dream, let Us bring it to Life!

Santorini Semi Private Sailing tour is 110 Euros per person including transfer and lunch on board.

Day Time Cruise : 5 hours
From 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Set sail from Vlichada Marina. Sailing past the Red and White beaches and then on to Akrotiri and the ancient lighthouse. After that we make a short stop in a beautiful bay for a swim and perhaps snorkeling. We then move towards the Volcano and the Hot Springs for a quick splash if your heart so desires, while our on board chef prepares your special lunch. We then continue sailing through the Caldera past the islands of Thirassia and Aspronisi and back towards Vlichada.
Sunset Cruise : 5 hours
From 3:30PM – 9:30PM
This cruise begins in the late afternoon. We sail to the Red and White beaches and then continue on to Akrotiri and the Cape of Faros. We sail around into the caldera where you have the opportunities for swimming and snorkeling by the Volcanic Hot Springs. Sail past the island of Thirassia for an excellent dinner and fine wine, and experience one of the world’s most beautiful and colorful sunsets imaginable. Afterwards a leisurely sail back to Vlichada marina.

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